Gregs Seamless Guttering Siding Windows - Faulty work, damaged my home, refused liability

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Greg Dickerson d/b/a Gregs Seamless Guttering Siding Windows in Hot Springs, AR replaced the roof on our house.He sent untrained Mexicans who spoke little English to do the work, but left them unsupervised.

They damaged the gutters on our home by placing their ladders against them, standing in them, and dropping roofing materials on them. They cut several slashs in a rubber pad covering a flat roof on our house, and repaired it by gluing it together. At our insistence, they sent someone over who put down two layers of rubber lining, but he did not complete the job or seal the seam between the layers. After they finished (??) the job, we had a leak, which damaged our newly installed cork floor.

Also, several antique roof caps originally on our home were missing after they quit work, and still have not been replaced or paid for. We have tried to work with this company, but they refuse to complete the work, repair the damages, or otherwise work with us.

They have not provided us with an invoice or warranty for the labor or materials.We are now suing them for damages.

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